Tuscany Surgical Center was created to provide Yuma County residents with a freestanding, professional facility for outpatient surgical procedures. Offering a variety of both traditional and minimally invasive procedures with full anesthesiology support, the center allows surgical patients to recover and return to normal activity in a shorter period of time. Among the procedures now offered are: 
Breast Surgery • Gallbladder Removal • Hernia Repair
Anti-Reflux Surgery • Vascular Access • Thyroid Procedures
Biopsies • Hemorrhoid Surgery • Vasectomy • Skin Cancer
Tuscany Surgical Center Yuma AZ
I have had many surgeries over the years. Eveything about the Tuscany Surgery Center is far above par. Many thanks to the staff for the fine treatment and the excellent facility. As I was about the be put under anesthesia I thought about the surgery and made up this song. It was my eighth hernia surgery. ......" I'm hernia the eight I am Hernia the eighth I am I am Iv'e had seven surgeries before and today I am going to have one more and every one was a hernia Hernia Hernia the eighth I am........." ~ Ron Kinner