Staff is cheerful, professional and informative. I would refer my friends here.
I have had many surgeries over the years. Eveything about the Tuscany Surgery Center is far above par. Many thanks to the staff for the fine treatment and the excellent facility. As I was about the be put under anesthesia I thought about the surgery and made up this song. It was my eighth hernia surgery.... "I'm hernia the eight I am, Hernia the eighth I am I am, Iv'e had seven surgeries before, and today I am going to have one more, and every one was a hernia, Hernia, Hernia the eighth I am. — Ron K.
My wife and I agree that this is an excellent alternative to inpatient surgery!
Good environment, efficient care team... everything went great. Best experience in a long time.
I want to thank you for again providing me with first class medical care. My first operation was an inguinal hernia repair and that went wonderfully.
I thought hemorrhoid pain was just something I was going to have to accept until I was referred to Tuscany Surgical Center and learned about minimally invasive surgery.